Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleep Inducing

This week my column is all about getting the boys to sleep. And it has, by far, the best title yet: Bit of quiet speaks to all joys of being mom. (I was hoping for something racy like "Mother says co-sleeping has its perks!" to get the (potential) commenters all riled up.


Courtney said...

Let's play a guessing game on the number of anti vs. pro co-sleep comments you get on the column .... any takers?

CarrieJ said...

lol, I can't argue! I started off with this strict idea that I did not want our daughter to get used to climbing in bed with us. You know what that means? Yeah, we sleep in her room most of the time. I upgraded her a while back into a full-size bed (squeezing into the twin bed 8 months prego was no fun). I don't want to sleep there, but after a full day I usually drift off in the middle of the bedtime story. I get to snooze until either the hubby wakes me, or the baby.
We still do the backrubs, but she says "tickle my back". Then I have to tickle her feet, and her tummy, and her armpits ... then start over again.
Hold tight to them wanting you there, and wanting each other there. Too soon they will want their own space.

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