Monday, April 13, 2009

What I Ate on My Birthday

As is becoming tradition, I spent my birthday restaurant hopping with the Smiths. (Colleen and I share a birthday.) I love restaurant hopping with restaurant people. We always get the royal treatment.

This year the Lindseys (David's birthday was the day after Colleen's and mine) joined us. We started off at Andrew Michael (where Andy & Mike came out to introduce themselves to Ben), then headed to Interim (where they were very tolerant of our special needs). The Chockleys (who were childless for the weekend) joined us at Interim, which was a nice surprise. The next stop was Bardog, but we were way too stuffed to eat anything! (And luckily we did not sit at the bar where the owner was ceremoniously pouring vodka down everyone's throats!) Our final destination was Yosemite Sam's for a rendezvous with my twin sister. (David was the only one brave enough to sing.

Aside from the awesome company and incredible food, the best part of the evening was our mode of transportation. I had mentioned to Ben that it would be nice if we could all ride in one car, so he secured this vehicle for the evening, and offered to be the designated driver:

Warren was so excited, you would have thought it was his birthday! We had both unknowingly dressed in black, too, so we were dressed perfectly.

Here's a peek at some of the delicacies we sampled throughout the evening. (Incriminating party pictures are all on Facebook.)

At Andrew Michael: Three cheese tasting, Antipasto, Ravioli with Maw Maw's gravy, Truffled Chicken Liver, Pan Roasted Scallops (not pictured), Polenta with Maw Maw's Gravy (not pictured), Potato Gnocchi (with gorgonzola), Oriecchette Pasta (with rabbit ragu), Budino (butterscotch pudding with shortbread cookies, and cannoli.

At Interim: Oysters on the half shell, Cheese Plate (with lavender honey-not pictured), Crab and Shrimp Salad (with vanilla-champagne vinaigrette), Roasted Duck Breast (with pea tendrils--not pcitured), and Orechiette Pasta (with grilled gulf shrimp, and Spanish style chorizo).

There was only one cheese that I didn't care for. The rest was amazing. If I had to pick my favorite dish, it would be a toss up between Andrew Michael's polenta and Interim's Orechiette pasta. But that ravioli was second only to the Zanoni's. And I really liked the gnocchi. And the crab and shrimp salad...

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