Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

While Warren was away digging, the kids and I stayed busy making gingerbread houses, visiting with friends, etc. He got back in time to join us for our annual visit to the Majestic Grille for Brunch with Santa.

After stuffing ourselves with eggs, bacon, shrimp and grits, bloody Marys and mimosas we headed over to the Peabody to check out the giant gingerbread houses, even gianter tree, and drink hot cocoa. It was lovely.

Warren left for California soon after to be with Oba, and the boys and I didn't feel like doing too much celebrating after that. We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house eating Chinese take out and opening gifts. (The Greenbergs are too impatient to wait for Christmas morning.) The boys requested DS games and LEGO Power Miners and that's exactly what they received.

In Warren's absence, I got to play Santa later that night at our house. I filled the boys' stockings with stuffed animals, rubberband guns, art supplies and assorted toys. I managed to pull everything off without waking the boys, thus restoring Satchel's belief in the jolly old elf. I did, however, miss getting to see their smiling faces when confronted with their bounty because they snuck in the living room while I was in the shower! Satchel was quick to point out that Santa didn't bring me anything and I told him that I had only asked for Oba to get better and for Daddy to come home.

Once I got out of the shower, we all bundled up and went to MIFA to pick up meals to deliver to elderly Midtowners. This was the first year we had ever signed up, and we were all looking forward to it. It was definitely a lot less fun with Warren gone (not to mention more difficult for me who is directionally challenged), but we all enjoyed doing something for someone other than ourselves.

Delivering meals made us all hungry and we immediately went to CK's when we were done. The rest of the day was spent putting LEGOs together. Satchel and Jiro worked as a team and managed to get them all done without any help from me. I spent the day on the sofa reading Yiddish with Dick and Jane and Cake Wrecks.

That evening we went to my sister's house for turkey, Disney Scene It, and Flight of the Conchords.

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