Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Oba

Today's column is about Oba. You can read it here.

When I showed the boys this picture of Oba they were amazed. Jiro said, "I didn't know Oba used to be a boy!" (I think he thinks she looks like a warrior in her kimono.)


Nancy said...

Stacey, i so enjoyed your article in the newspapaer about Oba. We lost a son 10 years ago and someone gave me a book, Deadline, by Randy Alcorn. the description of Heaven in it is unbelievable. It was Randy's first book and he has gone on to write many more. This one met me on spot. Nancy Holcomb

Nancy said...

Stacey, Article on Oba in paper touched my heart. We lost a 14 yr. old son 10 years ago, and someone gave us a fiction book, Deadline, by Randy Alcorn. The description of Heaven in it rocked our world. Blessings to you. Nancy Holcomb

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