Monday, December 07, 2009

Rock-n-Romp Recap

On Saturday we had our first ever (intentional) indoor Rock-n-Romp at the old Jay Etkin gallery downtown. We had marathon (I did the 5K!) traffic, frigid temperatures, parking, and a parade to deal with on top of indoor considerations. It could have gone horribly bad, but it didn't! It was awesome! Despite being indoors, I think we were able to keep that Rock-n-Romp free range feel.

Satchel and Jiro helped decorate the windows. We had Christmas lights up and spearheaded a cork reindeer ornament making station on the ground floor. Sit-n-Spins and Hula hoops were on the third floor.

The Center City Commission loaded us up on snacks, the Majestic donated twenty pizzas, and the Kooky Canuck sent over a huge tray of cookies. Yum!

The first band was Whose Army? which is composed of White Station High School grads. They were really fun. And talented! I recruited some (amazingly wonderful and fantastic) volunteers this time so I got to relax and enjoy the show. (I was having so much fun I *almost* felt guilty!)

Satchel met up with his buddies and had a great time running around wreaking havoc. He did stop for a few minutes to enjoy the show.

Second up was the Bulletproof Vests. They too were extremely talented. I could have listened (and looked) all afternoon!

Not sure what Jiro's doing with his hand here, but Chip took pictures of my kids and I'm gonna use 'em!

This shot was taken as the Bulletproof Vests got started. You can see how casual we all were. The space got way more crowded as the afternoon progressed, but we still had plenty of space.

The show ended with Snowglobe who I had never seen before! They're so good! And look, my buddy John Whittemore is in the band now! (My other buddy, almost best buddy in fact, after he helped me unload three kegs from my car, Jeff Hulett, somehow escaped the camera.)

It was a wonderful afternoon that we capped off with a gigantic and much appreciated donation of sushi from Bluefin and a front row seat to the downtown holiday parade.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the show such a huge success! (You can see all of the pictures here.)

Mark your calendars for our next indoor show, January 16 at the Center for Southern Folklore, featuring Gustafer Yellowgold!


Chip said...

You suck for making me do the RnR Blog recap and then doing your own anyway.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Whatev. You inspired me!

Melissa said...

Thank you both for the recaps and photos and all your hard work! And now I feel that I need to say something sarcastic to negate all the earnestness in that previous sentence.

warren said...

I DID read your comment as sarcasm, except for the last sentence. It made you seem like a total beotch

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