Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moonlight Sledding

I was getting sleepy at 8:00, but instead of putting on my jammies, I suggested that we go out and sled down the street. We live at the top of a cove and there's no traffic at all, so it seemed safe enough. At first, Satchel thought I said we were going to sled to the Cove a few blocks away. (a.k.a. The place Mommy drinks beer on Tuesdays.)

It took us a few turns to get the hang of things. There was a tire track that kept shooting us into the neighbor's yard and one car inconveniently parked on the left side of the road. (Trying to avoid the car, Satchel bailed, but didn't let go of the sled, so he ended up getting dragged down the street.) After awhile we got in a good groove and started playing a game to see how far we could go without ending up on Hollywood. Our "high score" was achieved when we made it all the way to the sidewalk adjacent to it.

It was awesome. Satchel said, "I had no idea today was going to be so much fun!" I told him that was the best part about life-- never knowing what tomorrow will bring. Then he said, "You should post about this on your blog!"

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Naturally Memphis said...

I love it! Life is beautiful!

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