Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snowed In

Being snowed in last weekend was actually awesome. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in trying to be everywhere and do everything, so it's nice to have an excuse to hole up and not do much of anything. I actually read a book! I'm ashamed to say how rare this is. It's called Secret Suppers and is all about the underground dining scene across the country. Very cool. I also baked! I'm absolutely addicted to the Chubby Vegetarian's Banana Ricotta muffins with walnuts. The kids love them too.

As you might imagine, Warren did his share of cooking too. He made sukiyaki on Saturday and brown rice sushi on Sunday.

Satchel also got in on the action, insisting that we finally cut open the star fruit he picked out at the Winchester Farmer's Market the weekend before. He swore that he really, really liked it, but I couldn't help noticing that he took very small bites and only ate one piece. Jiro only licked the outside of one piece before declaring it nasty. I quite liked it and Warren had a few good ideas for incorporating it into some dishes.

Satchel did quite a bit of reading on his own too. We've finally found something that interests him; The Dororo manga books. Uncle Kevin suggested them, and they are a hit!

Yes, still inexplicably sitting in a box. This picture also demonstrates the fact that I finally found someone who knows how to properly patch up the monkeys' pants.

Jiro spent the weekend in his long underwear with his short underwear on top pretending to be a super hero.

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Poopie said...

you don't have me fooled with that "baking" jive.

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