Monday, February 08, 2010

Bowling with Monkeys

It's been over two years since we last went bowling. Satchel's been talking about having a bowling birthday party this year, but then he switched to just wanting to go bowling with his family. Since we had errands to run in Germantown on Saturday afternoon, we stopped by Cordova lanes to play a few games (and admire the many mustaches).

Having mastered Wii bowling, I think the monkeys were a little shocked to see how much harder real bowling is in comparison. (Ditto for the adults.) With the help of bumpers and a ramp for Jiro, we were all able to improve our scores with practice. We all had fun cheering each other on, and I loved having both of my monkeys want to hug me and sit in my lap between turns.

The only bad thing was the price tag. It was $4 per person per game, which, uh, kind of added up. However, Monday is Family Night from 6-10pm. Up to 5 people can bowl for 2 hours for $20 per lane. Also, Sundays from 10am-noon is $1 per person. (There's a minimum of 3 games per person though.)

And is it bad that I was kind of digging the shoes?

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