Monday, February 08, 2010

Ninja Snow

After dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am, I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text from my workout partner, Ashley. I expected a "Not feeling good" or "Bring me a banana," but instead it read, "Look outside." After resisting the urge to wake everyone up to look at the snow, I happily crawled back in bed.

The boys came running in around 8:30am, fully dressed. They had gotten dressed by themselves--a rarity--before looking out the window. "Can we watch TV?" they asked. "Did you look outside?" I asked. They turned around and walked to the window. "NO school?" Satchel asked cautiously. "No school," I said. Then Jiro reported that he almost couldn't get Satchel out of bed because it was a school day.

"Aren't you excited about all of that snow?" I asked. They walked over and looked out the window again. "Oh yeah, we can definitely have a snowball fight with that much snow," Satchel said.

After some breakfast we all got bundled up and went outside to make snowmen and have a snowball fight. (As an added bonus we got to meet our new neighbors. They have the two small boys like us, the same car, and even hail from California like Warren. As we talked we also discovered that we've all been to Africa. Crazy huh?)

After making two snowmen, we made a fort and a stash of snowballs. When Warren was done shoveling the porch, we attacked him. Before we knew it, it was raining, and the snowmen were melting. We're hoping for a little freezing so we can do some sledding before its all gone.

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Liz said...

Looks fun; sound slike you lucked out w/da neighbors. One question--how'd you get all this writing done (I think I saw at least one other piece) with kids home for a snow day?

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