Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quiet Here, But Not There

Sure is quiet around here. How did I let a week go by without posting? Yikes. Must be the cold! Our heater has been on the fritz and we've been freeeeeezing. But you can read all about that in my column tomorrow! While I think of something fun and/or interesting to write about here, check out some stuff I've written elsewhere.

In last week's Flyer, there was a piece I did on the best kids' meals in town, called Rated G. I love doing stories that require eating out a lot! (However, it does make my profit margin--and pants--rather tight.) I also love doing stories that result in some crazy cute pictures of my kids! Thanks, Justin!.

This week's Flyer features one of my recommended dishes, Scotch eggs. Mmmmmmmmm!

This month's Memphis Parent has my Workout Warrior feature, chronicling my boot camp experience. Oh, and check out that gut! Thanks to Chip for getting up at 5:30am just to take pictures of me and my sweaty women friends. (And just so you know, after two months of boot camp, I am going on my second month as a 6:00am regular at the downtown Y.)

Chip also came along for my story on Convenience Store Food in the latest Edible Memphis. We tried out five different places that you may have never heard of. It was pretty exciting, if you ask me! It was almost like visiting different countries without ever leaving town. (Clearly all this food writing is the yin to my 6am Y yang. Dang!)

Thanks for reading! And please stay tuned!


Sassy Molassy said...

Lookit you rocking the boots in the convenience story pics! I'm very impressed by your morning exercise stamina. I have to get up at 6 to be at work by 7:15 though. I need to get in an evening exercise groove.

Stacey Greenberg said...

I think you are confusing my new masthead with the food pics! But thanks for the compliment!

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