Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stray Thoughts

Just a few things I don't want to forget:

1. Last week Satchel asked me when Cleopatra's Day was. "Huh?" I asked. "You know, the day when we wear green," he said. I guess his Egyptian studies are clouding his brain!

2. Jiro sometimes calls me "Warmy." I can only assume this is because I am warm and snuggly (despite being totally buff, lol). Last week when it was warmer outside he said he was going to start calling me "Lovey." I'll take it!

3. Bath time is out of control. I can't stand having to micro-manage the cleaning when all the monkeys want to do is play. If Warren isn't home to supervise, I let them duke it out. Last night, Jiro put gum in Satchel's hair. The idea of removing it with peanut butter completely freaked Satchel out. He insisted I use scissors. I still remember the summer when Tracey, my twin sister, and I gummed each other. My grandmother, who was watching us, never once considered peanut butter. We both had bald spots!

4. Jiro discovered that he can fit in the dryer and that it is nice and warm, and spins!

5. Satchel has his first cavity. However, due to its location he didn't have to have it filled. (He will if it starts hurting.) This has provided new ammo for our daily "brush your teeth" sermons that are required to get the kids to do any basic hygiene. When I explained that I was tired of the complaining and that he should note that Warren and I never complained about brushing our teeth or getting dressed or anything like that, he responded with, "You're an adult. You ENJOY brushing your teeth!" Oh really?

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