Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Camp Food

Warren loves to cook when we camp out. Prior to leaving town, he spent several hours planning and shopping. Some highlights of our three days of roughing it:

Hamburgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms; grilled jalapeno and cheese sausages; grilled asparagus, pineapple, jalapenos, and plantains; skirt steak; and s'mores, cinnamon rolls, vanilla ice cream and coconut sorbet.

Team Banbury is much more a "eat to live" rather than a "live to eat" crew, but Scott did cook up some nice deer sausage, breakfast hash, and "everything but the kicthen sink" beans.

Throw in some fresh fruit, tortillas, and arugula and we were definitely living high on the hog.

1 comment:

sbanbury said...

What's not gourmet about a cast iron pot full of beans, onions, peepers, venison, leftover hotdogs and a half dozen eggs. I, and every chuck wagon chef in history, are offended ;-)

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