Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Into the Woods

Over the long weekend, Team Oster set off into the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas with 3/4 of Team Banbury. We set up camp, did some basic BB Gun safety tips for the kids, and then sat back and watched it rain for TWELVE HOURS. During this time, Team Banbury's captain, Scott, went on a 62 mile beer run. The rest of us ate boiled weenies & stove cooked burgers, sang campfire songs, and complained about the neverending rain.

Thankfully, when we woke up, the rain had stopped! However, in the bad news department, the raccoons made off with our bread and Team Oster was insanely jealous of Team Banbury's family sized tent and fluffy air mattresses.

It was still a bit damp out, and foggy, but it wasn't raining and as Brighid said, "I'm glad Miss Stacey didn't make us leave!" (I was threatening the night before.)

Kade and Satchel took off into the woods and Brighid, Jiro, and I headed towards the "beach." Warren and Scott stayed at camp and looked at topo maps, hung up hammocks, tended the fire, set up a makeshift archery range, and forced us to make our own lunch--which we decided should be s'mores.

Finally the adults could no longer stand the constant refrain of "When can we go swimming?" The sun finally broke through the clouds, but I was sure that the water was freezing and that swimming would be short lived. I was right, but the kids (and the dads) had a good time swimming/wading in spurts and playing in the sand.

After a couple of hours we were able to drag them back to camp with the promise of food and a hike to the waterfall.

The waterfall was absolutely amazing! The kids were incredibly adept at scaling the rocks and I was happy that I'd been keeping in shape so that I could follow behind them. We felt silly for widdling away most of the day when we could have been enjoying the falls, but we immediately decided to come back in the morning.

We spent our last night sitting around the campfire, feasting on fajitas and homemade ice cream, and telling stories. Everyone got along great and there was no talk of email, Facebook, or city livin.

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sbanbury said...

Piney Creek is super cool. The campsites are all built WPA style in stone with nice fire pits, lantern poles and sanitary facilities.

There are regular canoe shuttles and rentals for several miles of Class 2 and 3 rapids upstream from the campground and several miles of Class 2 downstream.

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