Saturday, May 01, 2010

Big Day for My Big Boy

My Jiro turned SIX on Thursday! His birthday happened to coincide with the Elementary class's field trip to Whitton Farms. Since I was chaperoning, I got him a special invite. He was thrilled.

We arrived at Whitton Farms around 10:30am. The kids dutifully posed for a group photo before taking off across the land. Keith showed us his greenhouses where they are growing a number of greens. The kids got to taste sorrell which was deliciously tart. They also witnessed a garter snake taking off with a toad in its mouth. Such a thrill for a group of kids!

Next we briefly visited the chickens, said a quick hello to the neighbor's horses, and then thorough investigated the shitake mushroom growing operation in the Forrester's mini pine forest. Here the kids also got the thrill of seeing an owl pellet and digging out the skull of a small rodent from it! Strangely this discovery was soon followed by pleas for lunch. We had a lovely picnic under the trees, a few rounds of tag, and then headed back to school. Keith was a fabulous tour guide and the kids can't wait for the next Feastival!

Back at school I got to watch Jiro do Taekwondo. (He's definitely the best one in his class!) Then my mom joined us as he did his walk around the sun and shared the cheesecake brownies we made with his class. (Warren was out of town.)

To top off our very busy day, we visited Game Stop for a present or two then got some Memphis Pizza Cafe to go.

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