Friday, June 11, 2010

Cooking Camp

The kids are finishing up their first week of Cooking Camp at Evergreen. As far as I can tell, they've been having a wonderful time. They are learning useful skills like measuring, and they are getting practice with things like a can opener. Each day they make their own lunch and snack.

When possible, they use ingredients straight from the school's garden. The raspberry tarts were a huge hit!

Oh and there is tons of cutting and chopping with real knives, which they love. The menu has been pretty impressive. Monday they made pasta with crushed beans from the garden and feta cheese; Tuesday they made Apple Jack quesadillas from a Rachael Ray recipe--cheddar, Monterey Jack and apples; Wednesday was fish tacos; Thursday was pizza (they loved rolling out the dough!); and today was borscht.

Yes, borscht. Earlier in the week we got a copy of Bone Button Borscht through our affiliation with the PJ Library (think Dolly Parton Imagination Library but for Jewish kids). It's a Jewy version of the Stone Soup folktale in which everyone pitches in and makes soup. Satchel just loved the story, and since it had a recipe in the back, he asked if they could make it at Cooking Camp.

Because the director of the camp is so cool, she happily obliged Satchel's request. All of the kids signed up for an ingredient and today they made soup. Thankfully we got potatoes as our ingredient. We have tons of potatoes from our CSA! Judging from the picture of today's side dish, I'm guessing that Warren sent over our entire stash!

Next week the kids will be attending the first ever Junkyard Camp, then it's back to Evergreen for more cooking. I've been fiddling of course and have talked the fabulous Marisa Baggett into coming and making sushi with the kids one day.

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CFN said...

Ben's been enjoying the fruits of their labor all week (except the pizza, which defeated his best attempt at gumming). Everything they've made looks so good! I wish *we'd* had such fun summer camps!

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