Thursday, June 10, 2010

Putt Putt Golf & Games

On Saturday, I took the monkeys to a birthday party at Putt Putt Golf & Games. It had been three years since our last Putt Putt party. Now that the boys are older, it was suddenly awesome.

Satchel did laser tag with the big kids, and Jiro and I played a round of mini golf. Jiro and I decided to play for fun rather than "versus" (where we'd keep score). It was actually super fun. Then we went inside and joined the party for some pizza & present opening, not to mention Muddy's cupcakes, before getting let loose in the arcade. It's crazy how violent and complicated video games are now, but I tried to just let the whole experience be fun and not think too much about the proliferation of guns, fast cars, and explosives. The monkeys and I actually ended up playing shuffleboard more than anything.

Putt Putt also has a ropes course, go karts, and who knows what else. They do have those games that give you tickets so you can buy a bunch of crap, but thankfully Satchel opted to save his tickets for our next visit so he could get something really good. (Turns out most of the prizes he could "afford" ended up in the birthday goodie bags anyway.)

Satchel has already decided he's having his next birthday there, but I have a feeling we'll be back for some Putt Putt before then. Maybe we'll even go to Doctor Toboggans Invitational Mini-Golf Tournament this Friday.

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