Tuesday, June 08, 2010

On the Home Front

Longtime readers of this blog may remember my Calling all Winos post from THREE years ago. I had big plans to decorate the yard with wine bottles. That blog post resulted in several hundred wine bottles (and a visit from the health department.)

After breeding mosquitoes for months and months, the bottles eventually got moved to the garage. Then when Warren started turning the garage into his Man Cave, they got moved into the room above the garage.

It wasn't looking good for my wine bottle project. But then, out of nowhere, Warren decided to dig up the ugly ass bushes in the front and plant an herb garden...complete with a wine bottle trim!

I love it! And I can't wait for him to do the flower bed on the opposite side of the porch...and the one on the corner of our front yard!

If the new herb garden wasn't exciting enough, we also got our house painted. A friend of our neighbor's offered to paint it in exchange for Warren's old 4Runner. (It got totaled by a drunk driver, luckily while we were safe in bed and not in it, and had been sitting in front of the house ever since.)

In a bold move, and one that we both wholeheartedly agreed on, we went from boring tan:

to awesome, bold BLUE:

While things may not happen fast around here, they do eventually happen!

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