Monday, June 07, 2010

War of the Carrots

So I mentioned that we signed up for a half share of produce from Whitton Farms this year. (It's called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.) I've been chronicling what we get and some of the things that we make over at Chop Fayn, like I do, but I thought this story might do better over here.

Our CSA is ruining our marriage!

Ok, not really, but the pressure to eat a half share's worth of produce every week is insane! First off, I want to say that I think Keith Forrester thinks we have a full share, or he just really likes us, because it sure seems like we come home with more than our fair share. Second, keep in mind that we have no choice in what comes in the bag. We take what we get. That means weeks and weeks of the same things, and not always things we like to eat a lot of.

For the past few weeks I've been happily eating salads and eating all of the wonderful things that Warren makes. Sure I have been accused of not eating my share of greens and radishes, but I can only say that in my defense I have eaten more greens and radishes this summer than I have in my whole life!

Last Saturday when I was putting everything away, I decided to do an inventory of what was left. Surprisingly we were almost completely done with the lettuce and greens, but we had an alarming number of radishes and carrots. I innocently thought to myself, "I'll just cut the tops of the carrots off and make them more accessible to snacking." I knew that Warren wanted to do something with the tops, so I kept them off to the side. He came in from Kendo just as I was finishing up and was devastated. He was planning to roast the carrots with the tops on. He'd told me, but I'd spaced it.

There were a few left over so all wasn't lost, but there was the issue of the tops and us not wasting anything from the farm. Warren went to consult the internet and then came back into the kitchen and got out the juicer.

I'm not going to say it was the worst thing he ever made me try (that would be the bearded hedgehog), but I will say that I learned my lesson. The tops stay on!

And just so you know, the roasted carrots--and giant radishes and potatoes--were really, really good. Tonight Warren used the rest of the carrot tops as seasoning for a second round of roasted potatoes.

He also made a really amazing squash and corn chowder that was a big hit with the kids. We also had a really delicious banana smoothie made with raw milk and almond butter. So all in all, having the opportunity to shop fresh and local is expanding our horizons and making us appreciate our food more. But I am soooooo ready for tomato season! Bring it on!


bridgmanpottery said...

last year I made a carrot and carrot-top risotto that was quite good. And I made a chopped radish and carrot salad- simple olive oil and lemon juice viniagrette that I ate on for a week. During high season, I chop and freeze (on trays, so they'll stay separate) things like yellow squash, green beans, even cherry tomatoes for winter soups. But I have a deep freeze. I look at the "excess" as winter provisions. good luck!

Iron Chef Mikimoto said...

please don't was more like a carrot battle ;)

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