Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz
105 South Oak Street (Ventura, CA)
(805) 641-1222

While we were in Ventura, I ventured out for coffee one morning and came across Rocket Fizz--a store that specializes in candy, soda, and fun. As I walked by, I thought, "Better not let the monkeys see this place!" However, later that afternoon, their cousin Natalie asked (in front of everyone), "Can we go to Rocket Fizz?" Aunt Shirley, being much cooler than me, replied, "Sure!"

Here's how it works. Get a bucket and go crazy!

Granted we'd been doing our share of candy shopping in California, but I really had never seen so much candy in one place! (Ok, maybe Wayne's, but that's a warehouse!) They had a lot of vintage candy--notice the candy cigars and cigarettes--as well as some old favorites re-imagined--notice the giant Smarties! And every kind of soda you could imagine! (Warren got a cola nut GuS, Grown Up Soda, which was awesome.) Much to my delight, they had chocolate covered Gummy Bears. (Come on M&Ms, you gotta get in on this trend!)

Rocket Fizz also had Willy Wonka playing on a TV to further amp up the ambiance, which I thought was a nice touch.

I "limited" the monkeys to three items each, but didn't bother to limit Warren or myself! I filled up a bucket, and then Warren went behind me and bought a few extras.

(Clearly, I failed to capture Jiro's excitement!)

Shirley placed a half full bag of bulk candy on the counter and the owner said, "Nope, we only sell full bags. Go fill it up!" Ha!

After we were all paid up and ready to go, sure that Rocket Fizz couldn't be any cooler, the owner hollered, "Who wants a balloon?" A chorus of "Me!" soon followed.

Just outside the door is a sweet little seating area where you can relax, enjoy a soda, and stuff your face with candy. How could we pass that up?

The seating area was almost enough for me to blog about this on Dining with Monkeys!

Back at the hotel, Jiro and I planned out who got to eat what and when.

Turns out Rocket Fizz is a franchise, so you don't have to go to Ventura to try it. But you do probably have to head west. Better yet, save yourself a trip and start your own franchise here! The monkeys and I will be first in line.


Chip said...

Ooh, the GuS stuff looks great! Says on their website that they sell it at Fresh Market...

Mel Spillman artwork said...

oh HELLS yes!

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