Monday, August 16, 2010

eaTABLE Supper Club, Take 3

Oops, it seems that somewhere in the blur that was last week, I never did a full recap of our latest eaTABLE meal. Our chef this time was Max Maloney. He drew upon recipes he learned while working at Marena's. Hence the name, imiTABLE.

Max was joined in the kitchen by Wendy Sumner-Winter, who just started her own catering business called Goodnight Gracie, and Gary Bridgman, former waiter extraordinaire.

Our hosts were the affable Kathy and Kelly Fish. Their home was fabulous. I'm surprised that they actually got us to leave!

For whatever reason, I was the only one taking pictures. I'm a little embarrassed by how bad they are, but it's all we've got!

The amuse bouche was a bite of watermelon with some aged balsamic vinegar. With the red onion it was a nice, zingy way to begin the meal. My bouche was definitely amused.

Here's a peek at some of the fun people at my table.

And a couple more...

The mezze platter was absolutely fantastic. Never has cauliflower tasted so awesome. And one person at my table, who shall remain nameless, claimed it was the first (and best) beet she's ever had!

Gary made sure we never had to stare at a dirty plate and that our wine glasses were always full.

The gazpacho was perfectly refreshing and delightful in every way.

The palate cleansing fig sorbet with aged balsamic was my favorite course of the night.

A not just because it came with a "shot" of amaro!

Max gave us a little break to enjoy the patio, which we all appreciated.

Ben Smith helped Max source some sustainable tuna for the main course.

Once the sun set, my pictures really started to tank. This photo does no justice to the beauty of and pleasure derived from the tuna with charmoula sauce. This was our first appearance of seafood at an eaTABLE. Max made a special tofu with charmoula for our strict vegetarian friends.

For dessert we had a fine and fluffy meringue, some spiced pecans, and some lovely cheese. A perfect ending to a perfect meal!

Ok, maybe the bottle of champagne was the perfect ending!

Thanks to everyone who made the evening so special.


Melissa said...

Thanks for capturing the evening. We had a blast! Shawn trying tofu for the first time has to top my beet experience :)

VeeGee's Mommy said...

It really was fun! Thanks for the mention.

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