Thursday, August 12, 2010


This week's column, Return to school is different this year, probably isn't news to my faithful blog readers and Facebook friends. However, had I filed my story a few days later, I might have written about my shocking realization that my children are maybe a bit too sheltered.

This week they've been going to camp at the Y. Other than their week of Junkyard Camp, they've never been to a camp outside of their school. They fretted about it all last week and we had plenty of drama over the fear of the unknown. Luckily by Monday, they were ready for a new adventure. And I am happy to report that they have been having a great time with their new friends in their new environment. It's been really good for them and has convinced me to sign them up for more camps next summer.

Thinking back on my own experiences at their age, I remembered that I met one of my very best friends when I was six years old at Y camp. (Hi Hope!) The fact that we later ended up on the same soccer team, and eventually the same school, also helped. So I started thinking about after school activities. The monkeys love doing Taekwondo at school with the instructors from Midtown Taekwondo and Satchel mentioned in the past that he wanted to take classes at the studio. Now that Warren's schedule is flexible and Jiro is done with speech therapy, they could actually start doing afterschool activities outside their school.

I took them last night for a trial class to see how they would like it. Again they worried about not knowing anybody and people watching them. (Jiro thought he was going to be performing on a stage!) After seeing how large the class was, they were very undecided when it was over. "We don't know anybody," Satchel moaned. I reminded them of their fears about Y camp and how they easily made friends and told them to sleep on it. (Jiro's main beef was that he'd have to earn a green belt--the level when you can start fighting--rather than just purchasing one.)

This morning they were both leaning towards going to the studio, much to my delight.

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