Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Price is Right

For the past four years, Warren and I have been among the first people through the doors of the David Lusk Gallery for his annual Price is Right show. The beauty of the Price is Right show is that everything is under $1000.

Take into consideration that David Lusk represents some of the most talented artists the city (and country). They all participate in this show. It is a great opportunity to get great art at a great price.

Also, over the years we've learned that what's hanging on the walls is just a sampling of what David has to offer. There are usually several other pieces by every artist hiding in secret rooms, in drawers, and sometimes upstairs. I've taken to doing a preliminary sweep of the main gallery, grabbing a drink, and then going on the hunt for hidden treasures. That's how Warren and I found our latest painting.

We weren't the only ones scoring. I was super jealous of Aimee's Greely Myatt acquisition!

And Mary further established herself as Dwayne Butcher's #1 fan by purchasing nine of his pieces.

The show continues through the 28th, so check it out! Tell David I sent you.

1 comment:

dwayne said...

i have only ever been my only fan...this is great!

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