Saturday, August 07, 2010

Video Post

So we got back in town late on a Sunday night and I hit the ground running on Monday morning. A week ago Monday. Today is the first day that I've really just lounged around and done nothing. (And by nothing I mean go to the Farmer's Market, make lunch, do laundry, finish up some writing assignments, and make the base for some bluberry gelato!)

I think I can safely blame Facebook for my lack of blogging over the last week. Normally I post snippets there to remind me of what to go into detail about here, but I just never had the time. So this is a bit of a catch up post. Bear with me.

Last Friday we went to the Alley-Browns for a Cocktail Hour, the likes of which we haven't experienced in weeks, possibly months. What was once a weekly ritual has become a semi-monthly treat. The highlight of the evening was of course seeing everyone in person. (Well almost everyone. The rep for Team Brown was off eating corn.) The evening just happened to coincide with the first end of business week for Goodnight Gracie, the Winters' new food specialty food company. We got to munch on all of the leftovers! I especially loved the salsas that they brought. Between munching we did a lot of drinking. Chip made us all his favorite mojitos. I can vouch for its "best evah"--ness. I failed to take pictures of the yummy food and drinks, but I did get this fun video of Chip attempting to teach Richard how to juggle.

On Saturday, I got to take Warren shopping for school clothes and fulfill my fantasy of dressing him "preppy." Of course he can only be so preppy with his inherent California style, but it was still fun.

Combined with one of his "skinny ties" that we transported home from California, he looked super cute on Monday morning. Of course, I am calling him Mr. Oster now so he'll be used to it when the kindergartners do it.

After shopping, we headed over to Hutchison to see the finale of the camper bands from the Delta Girls' Rock Camp. I had never been in Hutchison before, so that was fun! The showcase was really awesome and I was blown away by the Hot Pink Paperclip's founders' new band, the Royal Foolz. Nykkoa Morris knows how to rock! I love this song. I think it should be the official Memphis Theme Song.

After the showcase, the monkeys went to a sleepover and Warren and I finally got some time alone. Naturally we went to go see Inception. Can't say we totally figured it out, but we had fun trying.

Sunday was the second semi-annual CPOP Jamboree at the Hi-Tone. I was really excited to raise money for the park, eat some awesome Hi-Tone pizza, have a few Ghost River beers, hang out with friends, and hear some good music. Despite the heat--both inside and out--we had a great turnout and a great time.

I finally got to see Cotton and Coal, fronted by my good buddy and Rock-n-Romp cohort, Caleb Sweazy.

We also had performances by the Bluff City Backsliders and the Memphis Dawls. (You can see their videos if you follow the YouTube link in the above video.)

I also took some pictures.

So yeah, busy weekend followed by a busy week.

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