Friday, September 10, 2010

Best. Mom. Ever.

I got off work early and surprised the kids with a trip to the Delta Fair. They have been wanting to go all week and I couldn't stand the idea of facing the weekend crowds, even if it meant dealing with today's insane heat.

They got wristbands (which are actually stamps now) for the first time ever. I let them go crazy on the rides and spent most of my energy convincing them to stay away from the games and other things that cost money. We couldn't resist getting corn dogs, one cheapo stuffed animal each, and a turn in the human hamster wheel.

We had a lovely afternoon and now plan to spend the evening in our jammies.

Here's Satchel in the Hamster Wheel. He said it was really hard to maneuver. And he was a little lightheaded when he got out. I can't decide if I wish they would let adults do it or not.

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