Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greenline Ride

On Sunday, I was eager to check out the Shelby Farms Greenline. I had heard parts of it were already paved and figured it would be a nice outing. However, Jiro, fresh off of Day 1 without training wheels, wanted to ride his own bike. Even though I didn't think he was quite ready, I wasn't going to say no and squash his enthusiasm.

This also meant that we had to drive to the trailhead nearest us at Tillman since it's too far (and traffic-y) for Jiro to ride on his own. Driving also meant we could only take the kids' bikes since we have no bike hitch for our car. So we went old school--kids on bikes, Warren on skateboard, and me on skates.

It was good that we drove because it took us quite a while to find the actual paved parts of the Greenline. We eventually parked at Waring where the pavement begins. I think its paved all the way to White Station, but I don't know for sure. Eventually it will be paved from Tillman to Shelby Farms.

Anyways, back to us. Warren missed Jiro's first lesson the day before, and quickly pointed out that had I properly inflated Jiro's tires, he might have had an easier time. He also lamented the fact that he didn't bring his tools and could not make several other adjustments to the bike. We had to make due.

There were quite a few people enjoying the Greenline, which was both awesome and annoying. Awesome because clearly something like this is a great and much needed thing in Memphis. Annoying because Jiro didn't need any distractions and isn't so good with his brakes! Although, Satchel was the one who actually ran into a walker. In his defense, the walker suddenly stopped to chat with oncoming bikers. Lots of chatting going on there at the Greenline too.

Warren worked with Jiro while Satchel and I went exploring. Then I took another turn with Jiro. It was way easier helping him while I was on skates because I didn't have to bend over or run! (My back was killing me after our first lesson!)

Poor little guy veered into the bushes numerous times but not once did he cry, complain, or do anything other than get back on and try again. I was SO proud of him.

Yes, Warren filmed that while riding a skateboard.

I can't wait for Jiro to get up to speed! I'm hoping it coincides with the Greenline's grand opening on October 9th.


Beverly said...

Where do you park at Waring? on the side of the road? I am having a hard time visualizing it?

Beverly said...

Where do you park at Waring? on the side of the road? I am having a hard time visualizing it?

Stacey Greenberg said...

Yeah we just parked on the street in front of a house.

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