Monday, September 20, 2010


Team Oster just spent the weekend in New Orleans. Our friend, Amy, who we met in the Peace Corps, and who was later our neighbor on Rembert Street (in the land before children) got married on Saturday. Warren couldn't get off work Friday or Monday, so we had a lot to squeeze into our 36 hour visit!

We stayed at my cousin's apartment just outside the Quarter, which has the added bonus of bicycles! We spent Saturday riding around the Quarter, eating, visiting a local Farmer's Market, eating, going to the Insectarium, eating, and resting.

Saturday evening was the wedding, which was gorgeous. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was fun, and the reception even funner. Amy was thoughtful enough to provide a children's area and the monkeys wasted no time making lots of friends and having a blast. Warren and I were also excited to see some of our old friends and spend some quality time with the bride and groom.

Sunday we hung out at Amy's recently refurbished house in the Bywater neighborhood. It was so amazing that we had a hard time leaving. Luckily she has a lovely guest quarters that we intend to take advantage of ASAP.

After saying some very long goodbyes, we did a final swing through the French Quarter, said goodbye to my cousins, and then grabbed some lunch before hitting the road.

Since most of our adventures revolved around eating, I'll be doing a lot of blogging over at Dining with Monkeys. I'll also be doing a full post on the Insectarium, which is fantastic.

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