Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Walk

On Friday the monkeys both got invited to sleep over at a friend's house, so Warren and I hit the town. We rode our bikes over to Broad Avenue to check out the Art Walk. (Taking the kids to the Art Walks is fun, but it's definitely more fun without them.)

I loved Mel Soillman's exhibit at Material, Tommy Kha's kissing pictures at the old post office, Jonathan Postal's rock-n-roll shots at Weaver & Associates, and Gadsby Creson's miniature bike racks at the Urban Art Commission. The nautically themed one for the Cove was my favorite. I hope they become a reality someday. As it is, we had to chain our bikes to a street sign.


After mingling and shmoozing and noshing, we went to the newly opened 3 Angels Diner for some dinner. Warren had the Thanksgiving sandwich and a beer. I had a green salad and water. (I'm making healthy choices this month as an experiment.)


It was really fun to see Broad Avenue hopping. Each Art Walk gets bigger and better--it's exciting to be a part of it. I'm very much looking forward to the next big event in November which will include re-striping the street and creating some pop up shops. Someday Broad Avenue will be a critical link between Overton Park and the Greenline.

Seeing how biking is all the rage these days, it seemed fitting that we ended the evening talking bikes with the bike cops. Cute, huh?


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