Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Greenline Opening

Saturday was the official opening of the Greenline, with block parties all the way to Shelby Farms. There was no way we could miss that!


I don't know if the big sponsor-y signs are permanent, but these are:


I think people were obeying the rules for the most part. Satchel definitely needs to work on going at a reasonable and predictable pace. He stopped a few times when I wasn't expecting it, and it caused me to burn a little rubber!

The High Point block party was pretty happening. We stopped to get some shwag, check out the future plans for more trails, and chit chat.


Our favorite party was the one on Podesta, mainly because our friend lives there and we got to take a much needed break! They had live bands, free burgers, and Boll Weevils too!


After resting, we headed back on the trail to go to Shelby Farms. I skated the entire Greenline a few weeks ago, but the boys hadn't been past Waring until Saturday. Right as we got going, I got a flat. Luckily Warren strapped a patch kit to my bike, so we were prepared. He gave Satchel a lesson on fixing flats, which I have a feeling will come in handy someday.


Mary was somewhat horrified that the lesson involved putting saliva on the inner tube to locate the puncture.

Here we are at the end, hoping we'll have enough energy to make it home!


On the way back we passed the band of bikes--a bike powered stage with a DJ. They were a little road-hoggy, but nice.


We also saw some of our favorite skateboarders. I was a little jealous that I didn't get to wear my skates. The Greenline is really awesome for skating.


And this blurry pic was taken while on my bike. I wanted to capture the entrepreneurs who were selling water. We all agreed they'd make more money selling homemade popsicles!


I also wanted to mention that along the way were signs for High Point Pizza. I liked that they were letting folks know they were close by and welcoming, but I don't want to see tons of signs littering the Greenline, you know? I'm imagining political signs and whatnot someday.

We made it home at 5:00 which means we were riding for about four hours. It was quite a trek--about 16 miles in all for us. I was really impressed with how well Satchel did. Two days later and I'm still a little tired! But all in all, we love the Greenline! I can't wait for the whole city to be connected. I never dreamed I'd be able to ride from my house to Shelby Farms. Now I wanna ride my bike everywhere!

In case you missed it, my column last week talked about the fact that Families are already enjoying the Greenline.

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Anonymous said...

This is an old blog but I want you to know that the signs you talked about said High Point Pub, not High Point Pizza.

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