Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While I was busy talking about healthy choices last week (both here and in my column), I was also busy procrastinating on a writing assignment I accepted--on donuts.

Yes, donuts.

My procrastination translated into the unhealthiest "choice" ever. Team Oster visited seven donut shops in three days, and four of them were in one day. I do not recommend doing this ever!

Look, even Jiro is sick of donuts.

But I will say that after visiting all of these shops, tasting, and listening to Warren give me the 411 on donut making, I can say that I am now officially a donut expert. And I can also say that I may never eat another donut again!

On Sunday, after our third donut shop, we made a quick stop at the skatepark behind Houston High School. (Warren keeps his long board in the car to ride around campus.) We only had a few minutes before it started raining on us, but I did capture Jiro making sparks, which we all thought was awesome.

Yes, we are easily entertained.

And since this post seems to be devoted to Jiro, I'll add that after a morning of eating donuts we had to separate the children. I took Jiro with me to set up for the school auction and dinner at the Balinese Ballroom Sunday night and Warren took Satchel to the University library to make copies. Having just Jiro was great. He was the best helper ever. I think Warren and I may need to separate him and Satchel more often!

Anyways, since Jiro helped set up, he got to see all of the things in the silent auction. He gave me very specific directions to win the Webkins dragon at all costs, so of course, I did.

This sparked a renewed interest in all of his other stuffed animals. Last night they had a summit while we watched a scary movie.

(They were probably discussing my questionable parenting choices.)

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