Friday, October 29, 2010

Pre-Halloween Action

Luckily the kids and I planned ahead this year so my getting sick didn't prevent us from having some super tricks and treats for school today. After spending most of the day in bed, eating some hot & sour soup, and getting a sinus cocktail at the doctor's office, I had enough energy to oversee the following activities.

Jiro was a pro at making ghost faces on our tootsie pop ghosts.

This has to be the easiest project ever--tissue, tootsie pops, dental floss, and a sharpie.

Inspired by the article I did for the Commercial Appeal, Disgustingly delicious, we made a mummy shaped cheeseball. The kids were really adept at tearing the string cheese for his bandages. I used one of my favorite recipes for the cheeseball, so I know it'll taste good. (We used dried cranberries for the eyes instead of the more adult recommended pimentos.)

My little vampire helped make the Jell-O for our zombie brain gelatin mold.

We got everything done last night, so this morning was dedicated to getting the perfect rock star hair...

and the perfect vampire slick back.

The kids are off enjoying their party at school, and I'm back in bed resting up for tomorrow's Race for the Cure. Come cheer on Team Cha Cha! We're running in honor of Andria's mom, Cha Cha, who is a breast cancer survivor. (Read about her here.) If you are so inclined, it isn't too late to donate. Our team has raised over $1000, but I personally have raised $0. Anything is appreciated!

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