Monday, November 15, 2010


I've always heard how awesome Elmwood Cemetery is, but I didn't believe it until I saw Liz's post over at Go With Family. Then I was just looking for an excuse to go. My friend, Blair, was in town over the weekend with her family and visiting Elmwood was on her list of things to do. (She has kin buried there.) We wanted to get our kids together, and Elmwood seemed like as good a place as any, so we met up on Sunday afternoon.


Our neighbor, Jason, was playing at our house and decided to come with us. Warren, who needed to study, couldn't resist the trip. To keep the boys in check he told them that if they acted crazy or climbed on tombstones they risked waking the spirits and having them follow us home.

(Thanks, Warren! You can tell he's not in charge of bedtime!)

The kids were immediately attracted to this swing, which Blair said was once attached to the tree behind it.


I was immediately attracted to John Overton's massive grave. Yes, John Overton of Overton park fame. I tried to kiss him but my lips wouldn't reach.


We were lucky enough to have not one, but two archaeologists among us, so all of our questions were answered and we were supplied with a steady stream of information.


To keep the kids occupied I told them I'd give them a dollar for every tombstone they found with either their birthday, their name, or a person their age. With a little help, Jiro found his birthday.


He even found Waldo!


Satchel found a 7 and a half year old. Sorry, no dollar!


I'm sure no one will be surprised to hear that neither of them found their names. However we were all surprised to find almost ten tombstones with an Otto, which is the name of Blair's son.


Blair's brother, Walker, pictured here with his wife, bailey, had no trouble finding his name either.


Warren offered everyone $100 bucks to spend the night, but there were no takers.


When the kids tired of tombstones, they climbed trees.


The adults discussed what they'd like on their tombstones. I definitely want something poetic (unless I'm cremated).


And I definitely hope Warren gets more than this.


We really could have stayed all day exploring, climbing, and talking.


But we eventually pulled ourselves away.


I can definitely see a return trip in our future. Elmwood is a great place to play and to learn without even knowing you are learning. Take the kids!



Blair said...

I have a slight update/correction that I found out after our trip. The swing was attached to a tree (not the one pictured) but it had to be cut down after the cemetery was struck by elm disease. The swing hanging from the wood beam is a new addition.

I also clarified with Mom that my uncle Jeff's headstone is from a river in Colorado and she had a geologist from Memphis State check it out and he said it is peachstone. For more details (than you'd ever want to know...) take my Mom some chocolate and ice cream and prepare for a wealth of information.

Sassy Molassy said...

I love Elmwood, but if I ever, under any circumstances, pointed out dead kids to *my* kids, we'd be having to get them therapy! We generally avoid the idea that "hey look, you could die at your age."

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