Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

Last night on a whim, some gal pals and I headed over to Macy's to see Clinton Kelly, of What Not To Wear fame. He's on a Fashion Director tour to simultaneously promote Macy's fashions and his latest book, Oh No She Ddin't.

I don't generally go to Macy's events, but my love for Clinton and the show coupled with my mom's offer to let the kids sleep over and Warren's need to study all night left me with absolutely no excuse not to go. And I'm so glad I did.

Clinton comes across as very real and down to earth. He's cute, he's funny, he's caring, and he's well dressed. The event involved audience members competing in mini fashion competitions, mini fashion shows, and Q&A with Clinton.

People of course wanted him to critique their outfits and he did. I so wanted to get his opinion on mine, but minus the $5000 VISA card they give on the show, I wasn't up for the public humiliation. Despite my non-participation, I left feeling a tad bummed about my wardrobe and my general okay-ness with wearing ill-fitting pants and t-shirts most of the time.

But don't get me wrong. The event was very positive and Clinton made a very heartfelt speech directed towards young girls. He let them know that the images in magazines and TV are not real and that they should love themselves just as they are. Or something like that. It was sweet.

Then he told everyone he was wearing layers and sweating a lot and not to tell everyone in Memphis he smelled bad when he signed their books.

We considered staying for the book signing, but the line was unbelievable. On our way out we actually bumped into Clinton and his handlers. I had my camera out and was ready to ask him to pose with us, but he looked at us apologetically and said, "I really need to pee!"

He's hilarious. I really wanted us to take him out for a drink!

After having such fun last night, I just had to go see David Sedaris at Davis Kidd today. He was doing a reading and signing of his latest book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

Since I was taking the kids with me, I resolved not to have a repeat of my first meeting with him four years ago.

The monkeys and I arrived a bit early, so unfortunately by the time he started talking they were already antsy to leave. I kept sending them back to the kids' area to look for things so I could at least enjoy some of the show.

David did not disappoint. He came in, mingled and signed books, and then set up his microphone. The first thing he asked the audience was, "Are there any kids here?" When an 11 year old identified himself, David asked, "Do you watch cable TV?" It was hilarious. Clearly he was warning the parents that he may say some things not suitable for prime time. Everytime he did, he motioned to the kid to cover his ears.

After reading a story from the new book, he read to us from his diary! How awesome is that? Everyone was cracking up and it was totally fun. After thirty minutes or so I reluctantly gave into the monkeys' whining. It was nice to at least get a little dose of funny in my day.

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Terena said...

I live in fear that my family will call "What Not To Wear" on me. Glad to hear Clinton is nice. (lol)

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