Monday, November 08, 2010


All photos by Chip Chockley

Saturday we hosted our third Rock-n-Romp at the National Ornamental Metal Museum. The Museum has the most amazing grounds, a view of the river, a huge mound nearby to slide down and lots of fabulous sculptures.


Unfortunately, the sculptures are not for climbing--even when it's the first thought you get while looking at them!


I was the lucky person who got to greet everyone at the check in and say, "We have one rule today. No climbing on the sculptures!" (More than a few people had to clarify if the one pictured above was a playground or a sculpture!)

But lucky for us, most of the kids were happy to just run around, get a cool hairdo, play on the sit-n-spins, hula hoop, and slide down the mound.



Satchel and Jiro spent most of the afternoon on the aforementioned mound. I got reports that they were purposely sliding down the steepest part so that they could wipe out at the bottom. (Natch.) Satchel also told me that the large piece of cardboard they were sharing was affectionately known as "The Cadillac" by the other kids.

I was really excited to see the Perfect Vessels play. I know Justin Fox Burks as photographer and chef extraordinaire, but I've never seen him play the drums. He seemed to also excel at that, not that I had any doubt.


Bake Sale was also extremely rockin'. So much so that Warren keenly observed that they didn't even sound like women. (Really, he said that! I think it was a *cough* compliment. And yes, I believe he is sick of me teasing him endlessly about his *innocent* remark!)


And I was thrilled that we finally got Harlan T. Bobo to do his solo show. I think he felt a little nekkid without his band, but I personally thoroughly enjoyed his set--especially when he involved the kids.


We had nearly 700 people in attendance, which was awesome. Lots of old faces and plenty of new ones. This was my favorite new face--Cormac Stockwell. Look, he's already representing!


And finally, I just want to show you my favorite picture of the day. I call it "Me, multi-tasking."


I'm enjoying the show AND pitching story ideas to Jane Schneider, the super cool editor of Memphis Parent.

Okay, I lied. It's my second favorite photo. This is my favorite:


It was a great afternoon with great music, great food (thanks Central BBQ and Whole Foods!), great people, and great weather. Who could ask for more?

The next Romp is December 4th at the old Jay Etkin Gallery (409 S. Main). Stay tuned to the RnR blog or Facebook page for details.

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