Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Skate

I started my Saturday with a skate along the Greenline with my friend, Natalie. There was a little snow on the ground, and lots of ice, but we skated anyway. It was treacherous to say the least!

When I got home, I rushed to take a shower and take the monkeys to the under 10 lesson at East End. We'd been to the skater princess holiday show earlier in the week--their cousins are skater princesses--and they were inspired to try skating again. (Satchel was really into skating about three years ago, but Jiro always liked playing games, running around, and eating candy at the rink more than skating.)

The really awesome things about the under 10 lesson are: It's only $5 for kids (parents are free unless they skate), it's not crowded, the music is tolerable, the skater princesses help the newbies, the video games are not plugged in, they play games, and they get a free drink.

What's not so awesome is the rental skates. Well, I guess the skates are okay, but the laces not so much. I laced both monkeys as best I could and off they went.

It quickly became apparent that I was also going to need to tighten their wheels. Once I did that things were much better.

I was really surprised at how participatory they both were. They free skated, they did the Hokey Pokey, they did limbo, they hung out with their cousin, and they generally had a great time.

Satchel got the hang of it pretty quickly since he actually had a history of skating to fall back on. It was a little harder for Jiro, but I was happy to see that repeated falling didn't get his spirits down. (At least not right away.) For awhile it seemed like he was intentionally trying to fall just to be funny.

I had instructed them both not to grab me if they thought that they were going to fall--I busted twice on the Greenline already--and they obliged. Coach Caroline was there offering tips--keep your arms out and your back straight--and they obeyed. They were both very impressed with their 5 year-old cousin's abilities and they both say they want to go again.

Maybe I will end up with two rink rats after all.

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