Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Warren and I discussed doing a 365 project that would involve random acts of kindness. For whatever reason--probably because it would involve a lot of effort--it never quite got off of the ground. In the vein of Storm Troopers 365, we discussed building something with Legos every day--either as a family, or individually. Again, too much effort.

Satchel was really into doing a photo of me every day, at least for a few days, but his interest soon sputtered out. (I was grateful since he almost always remembered about his project at bedtime when I was not looking my best!) What he really wants to do is take a picture of rotting fruit and turn it into a movie. Since that project should only take a few weeks, he may actually accomplish it sometime this year.

I have been keeping up with two small projects, mostly because they center on two things I normally do anyway. Each day--or MOST days--I take a picture of something yummy and I also take a picture of the kids together. Neither of these projects is what I'd call super exciting, but they have proven to be much harder than I anticipated. I hope I can stick with them, because I think that they could be somewhat exciting by December. If you want to follow along, I'm posting on Flickr as staleyg.

365 Food:

Thai poppers

365 Monkeys:

Hot cocoa out of the mugs they decorated themselves

I could have easily combined these two together, as it seems at least half of the monkey pictures involve food! But since I already have a blog devoted to that topic, I'm going to push myself to capture other moments with them.

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