Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Last week, my column focused on taekwondo--Hold snow, son would trade it for taekwondo--and how it's taken hold of Satchel. I suppose it's taken hold of the whole family. We're spending about 8-10 hours at the studio per week!

It's been really great for Satchel. Now that he's got his sparring gear and gear bag, he feels like a "big kid." He's been really great at home, helping me with small tasks and even helping Jiro. Little things that he used always want help with, he does on his own. My baby is growing up! It's bittersweet, but I love the boy he is becoming.

Jiro had a major meltdown last week after he tried, and failed, to get his meaning stripe. (Each belt has a corresponding meaning that must be memorized.) He was worried he'd never get it right and decided he never wanted to go to class. After a few days off, he got it together though and was right back in there yesterday. He earned his meaning stripe and his pattern stripe. I was really proud of him for persevering.

Now that I've completed Angry Birds, I plan to use my wait time at the studio more effectively. I may actually read a book, something I rarely do these days.

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