Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

When the monkeys found out that snow was on the way, they excitedly asked if they could put a toy in water and freeze it. Of course they could do this without snow in the forecast, but it was an easy enough request to oblige.

After breakfast, we bundled up and headed to the park.

We broke one of our sleds last year, so were were down to one. What we noticed right away was that the monkeys are getting too heavy to pull behind us in one sled! They wanted the dogs to pull them, but again, they are just too heavy.

The snow is so deep that it's actually pretty hard to get going fast. That didn't stop us from trekking through the woods and testing all of our spots.

We threw a few snowballs, and Satchel even made an angel.

Finally, we decided to head over to the Shell to see what was happening. Satchel thought it would be a good idea to carry this giant snowball all the way there.

At the Shell, we came across half of Midtown and several of our friends. We were especially excited to see Enrique & Santiago. The four monkeys immediately started sledding non-stop. The snow was nice and packed down at the Shell and much faster.

Buoyed by their success at the Shell, and with the help of a loaner sled, the monkeys braved the hill by the Brooks for the first time ever.

We eventually got our gloves soaked and had to call it quits. (The rest of us was pretty warm thanks to the $20 snow pants I got at Target last year and the hand warmers in our boots!) We had a round of hot chocolate and then headed home to recharge. Plans for the afternoon include a giant snowman, making snow cones, and eating icicles.

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