Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday we had our fourth CPOP Jamboree at the fabulous Hi-Tone Cafe. After soaking up some much needed sun, our treehuggin friends and neighbors came by to enjoy some good music, good food, and good times--all for a good cause!

First up, we had Gasoline Grace.


They totally rocked the house! Plus they gave out chocolates and free CDs!


I loved having the Hi-Tone all to ourselves! I had been seriously Jonesing for some Hi-Tone Hot Wing pizza, and finally got my fix.


By the time the Lorax Posse took the stage, we pretty much had a packed house. Woohoo! They are seriously fun.


The kids were having as much fun as the grown-ups. They were dancing, mingling, playing hide and go seek, and generally having a great time. Unfortunately Jiro, who can now read, took an interest in the graffiti all around him, and expanded his vocabulary quite a bit! Naomi was nice enough to "modify" the scrawl that was drawing the most attention.


I mostly saw Satchel when he stopped by the front desk for a sip of water.


Snowglobe closed out the show for us, which was a super awesome treat. Those guys rule, and Jeff Hulett is my BFF.


I was especially happy to get to enjoy a whole afternoon hanging out with my Valentine.


We topped off our evening with a beautiful moonlit walk home through the forest. It was amazing.

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