Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Oh I had big plans for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, most of the plans didn't pan out.

I bought some organic lollipops at Whole Foods for the kids to hand out at school. I hoped to copy this idea, but ran out of time. (It was the printing of actual photos that messed me up.) I ended up with a cute picture of the monkeys though, so it wasn't a total loss.

38. Failed Valentine's card

I did, however, successfully steal this idea for my gift to Warren. He actually seemed pleased when I presented him with a large bowl of fruit. When he noticed the personalized stickers, he was REALLY impressed.

Pretty cute, huh?

Of course now the challenge is to eat all of the fruit before it rots!

Warren wins the (unofficial) Valentine's Day Gift Challenge though. He made me a really awesome dinner consisting of steak, roasted veggies, a spicy crawfish roll, and kombucha.

Wanna guess which plate is mine? Yep, the one missing a piece of sushi. I couldn't wait! After dinner, we watched Howl, which we'd been trying to see for months, and ate brownies with milk. Jiro fell asleep at 7pm, and Satchel stopped talking long enough for us to enjoy the movie. What else could I ask for?

I am happy to report that I had enough steak (and fruit!) left over to make this awesome salad for lunch.

I hope y'all are still feeling the love today, too.

1 comment:

mary said...

For next year's vegetable-related present:

"You have a sweet asparagus."

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