Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mochi Pounding

On Saturday, we went to the Botanic Gardens for a mochi pounding demonstration. Mochi is rice that is pounded into a gluttony goop of yumminess. It was a hands on demonstration, and they graciously let the audience participate. The monkeys were too shy, but Warren and I gave it a go. It was immediately obvious that beating people on the head with a Kendo stick twice a week for the past three years has made Warren an expert mochi pounder.


Satchel gave the mochi a thumbs up. (Jiro was too busy chewing to pose.)


In addition to the fresh made mochi, there were plenty of other mochi dishes to try. I especially liked the mochi with soy sauce, but the classic combo is with red bean paste.


Sekisui was there selling sushi, and there was also a tea ceremony demonstration. The monkeys really liked practicing their kanji, making origami, and discussing Miyazaki movies.

31. Mochi pounding at Botanic Gardens

It was a really fun afternoon, and it was great to see so many people learning about Japanese culture.

Liz over at Go With Family has a more in depth account of the festivities. Check it out here!

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