Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's been a snowy winter here in Memphis! Normally, I am all about the snow because Warren handles early pick up and entertainment on snow days. However, Warren has been working out of town ALL year. (Yes, all six weeks of it.) Considering my office doesn't close for snow, it's pretty been hard on me and my limited vacation days. It's made me pretty annoyed by the few fake outs we've had that have resulted in no school and no snow or danger. (I complained about the City School's snow policy in my column this week, Snow policy leaves mom questioning.)

However, thanks to one of my fellow parents/friends at school, Carlos, I was able to stay at work yesterday so I would only have to take today off. While I worked, the boys went sledding at the Levitt Shell with their friends.


By the time I left the office at 4pm, things were pretty scary outside. I was really nervous about driving, and impressed by MCS's decision to close at noon. After a pep talk from my coworkers and Facebook friends, I managed to get us all home safe and sound.


I had dressed the boys for school, not sledding, so they were pretty frozen when we got home. I tried to get them in a warm bath, but due to an incident involving Jiro, tickling, copious amounts of Cocoa Puffs, and vomit the night before, the tub is being snubbed by the monkeys. They settled for dry clothes, the kotatsu and some hot cocoa.


Things looked really scary this morning, so I was happy to cash in a vacation day and play hookie with the kids. Around 1:30pm, we got invited to go sledding with our friends again and headed to the bluffs for some added excitement. (When I saw how clear the streets were I was pretty embarrassed by my request to carpool.)


The snow was pretty much melted on the bluffs too, but the kids were happy to slide down anyway. The bluffs are so steep, snow isn't technically necessary. I was too scared/smart to go down, but the kids and Carlos had a great time.


We topped off the afternoon with some hot cocoa and sweet treats at Cafe Eclectic.


Now we're all home--most of us under the kotatsu--wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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