Monday, February 28, 2011

Nola, Wrap Up

So needless to say we did not get off to an early start on Sunday. We had a pact to sleep until noon, but I was the only one to come close. I forced myself to stay in bed until elevenish. Once showered, we went in search of food. I wanted a po-boy and some more gumbo, so I led the girls to Mother's which was just a few blocks away. There was a line out the door, but it moved really quickly. Our table didn't have very good lighting so I have no food pictures for you. But I will say that we totally pigged out. We had a hard time fitting everything on the table! (By "we" I mean me, Launa, & Aimee. After noticing that Mary ordered an omelet, I got her to confess that she doesn't actually like New Orleans food!)

Once sated, we headed back to the Quarter in search of shoes for Launa. I'm not much of a shoe shopper, but this trip wasn't all about me. There was plenty of street entertainment and other shops (like the popsicle one!) to keep me happy though. We were especially impressed by this band of musicians, who Aimee says she's seen before. In college I would have referred to a group like this as trust fund hippies. Not sure what the current terminology would be.


Like most street performers we saw in Nola they had their own CD for sale. We paid for a photo, but not the CD.

My most favorite street performer was this grown up super-hero. He had some handmade puppets that were both fascinating and disturbing. They included rocks, baby doll parts, and even some skeletal parts. I kind of loved him. His afghan cape was totally awesome too.


He gave me his card with a link to his website. He may be a modern day trust fund hippie too.

After shopping and taking in the sights--and popsicles--we headed over to Cafe du Monde since we desperately needed coffee and more sugar. Plus, beignets were the only special request that Mary had.


Next our intentions were to ride across the river to Algiers on the ferry, but it was a little too chilly. So, we decided to ride the St. Charles trolley somewhere fun for dinner then catch a movie at the fancy new Canal theater. (We were told they had reclining chairs and waitstaff.)


Our streetcar ride turned into quite an adventure and we didn't end up eating dinner until almost 10pm. Most places were closed, but he happily landed at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Restaurant and Bar. They had cold drinks and fresh baja inspired food. And mermaids!


After dinner and drinks, we headed to bed since we hoped to be on the road by noon the next day. Aimee needed to make one more stop in the Quarter for perfume she forgot the first time, and I needed one last popsicle. Since most shops didn't open til 10am, I promised Launa I'd get up early and ride the streetcar with her in the daylight. We didn't have enough time to do the full ride, but we did squeeze in a quick stop at a Garden District cemetery.


We met back up with Aimee and Mary and went--you guessed it--in search of breakfast. I'd noticed a lovely courtyard the day before, so we headed over to check it out.


What Royal Blend lacks in service and selection, they more than make up for in ambiance.


We did our final shopping and said goodbye to New Orleans, full and happy.


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