Thursday, March 03, 2011


Last year, we were featured in an MLGW commercial about gas safety. The boys had such a good time filming, I volunteered us again this year, but with one caveat--I would not pretend to smell gas again or do anything to warrant endless teasing by my *cough* friends.

This year we were simply asked to put together an emergency response kit. Done.

We arrived early yesterday morning for make-up and hair. The make-up artist told Jiro that he was so pretty, he should be a girl. Thankfully, he thought that was hilarious.

Then she tried to flatter me by saying she loved my perm. (I don't have one.) Then she asked if I had anymore of my mascara with me. (I don't wear mascara.) This picture is for all of my friends who like to put lipstick on me when I'm tipsy.

Once we were all dolled up, we were sent in to the studio to wait for paint to dry. Literally.

The white set is a little high maintenance. We even had to take our shoes off and wipe the soles.

The kids didn't mind waiting since there were unlimited snacks and drinks to be found next door. And we all had electronic devices to fall back on once the wait time ran over an hour.

Now that I'm looking back over last year's experience, I realize I put Warren in the same sweater! Oops, sorry honey!

Once we started filming, the director, once again inspired by our natural talents, decided to have one of us do something embarrassing. I'll just keep you guessing until the commercial airs. I'll give you a hint though--it may or may not involve "jazz hands."


Wendy said...

You poor teased woman! Of course, you're so earnest and awesome that you're an easy target.

Stephanie said...

I'm salivating.

Amanda said...

I like that the people of Memphis are going to think that poor Warren only owns one sweater.

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