Monday, March 07, 2011

Rock-n-Romp Recap

Saturday was our Rock-n-Romp pre-season fundraiser at Escape Alley Sundry. (You can read all about it over here.) It turned out great considering we had some pretty nasty weather. It really makes me happy that there are so many families who will come out and support us.

It helps make up for the fact that my own kids could care less about it. On Saturday Satchel said, "Rock-n-Romp is really cutting into my free time." Thankfully, I decided to laugh and not cry when he told me this. Translated, he means that he has a new video game he is trying to beat and until he does so nothing else matters.

I agreed to let him stay home until Warren finished Wing Chun (his latest obsession). Jiro, my current favorite, opted to go early and help me set up. (He really just hung out with his buddies, but I appreciated the fact that he still wanted to come with me and participate.)

Photo by Chip Chockley

Satchel and Warren arrived around 3:45 and caught the last act. Satchel was mostly pouty the entire time he was there because the one person he cared about seeing already left. I did see him run around a little bit once the show was over and it was just a few of us hanging out and cleaning up.

I'm thinking if he ever gets interested in girls, he might be more motivated to come and hang out. The girls definitely seem to appreciate this event a little more.

Oh well, I still enjoy it.

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Stephanie said...

My kids are starting to lose interest in the RnRs too- they didn't want to stay long, and Chloe has been known to ask if we can stay home altogether. I think maybe it's because they've been to every single one, so it's not as novel to them as it is to kids whose families only come a couple of times a season.

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