Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Melissa's Baby Shower

On Sunday I had the pleasure of sipping wine, eating miniature foods, and talking about babies with Melissa and her cabal of awesome women friends.

I know she feels as though she should be orbiting the sun, but never did I see such a sexy mama. I certainly never looked that put together when pregnant, much less not pregnant! Melissa, you wear it well!

Our hostess, Sarah, was a hoot, and she had one of the most fabulous houses I've ever seen.

A former teacher, Sarah was dead set on teaching us something before we left. With the help of a YouTube video and her live instruction, we all completed a paper crane. I tried really hard to make a second one, but couldn't without the step by step! In my defense, they are one of the most complicated origami critters I've ever seen.

Our goal was to fill up a jar for the nursery, but we fell a little short. It was fun joking about what the baby was going to say when he (or she!) saw our crooked-y cranes.

Lest you think we aren't a talented bunch, I give you the tissue paper flowers Laura made for decoration...

...and the delicious cakes Melissa's sister made as party favors.

Baby pound cakes at Melissa's shower

My only talent on display (other than taking these breathtaking photos!) was my mad shopping skills. I picked out this cute Edgar Allen Poe onesie in New Orleans and Melissa hinted that one of his three names might be of significance. Hello--I can totally see Harlow's little brother Poe wearing that onesie in my mind's eye.

Based on the flowers we were asked to put in the vase, most people thought Melissa would be having another little girl.

But the ring test was all BOY.

I love that Caleb is making Melissa suffer through not knowing the sex a second time just like Warren made me suffer. I say suffer, and it is suffering, but totally worth it. Whether sweet Melissa has a boy or a girl, Poe is sure to be a tiny dreamboat. I can't wait to do some serious head-smelling and snuggling when s/he comes along. (Current estimations have him/her arriving on my birthday.)

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