Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Jiro

Yesterday, my Jiro turned SEVEN. How did that happen? Seriously, having a 7 and a 9 year old puts me in a whole new parenting section. I feel like I can no longer coast on what I already know. I must study up again.

On Thursday night when I tucked the boys in, I told Jiro about the day he was born. When I was done, he said, "How did I ever get out of your vagina?"

Thankfully, Jiro's lewdness is offset at least half the time by incredible sweetness. He often spontaneously hugs me, has entered a new phase of wanting to kiss me, and seemed genuinely shocked that J-Lo was named the most beautiful woman in the world instead of me.

For his birthday breakfast, he wanted to go back to Revive Energy Bar for the bottomless bowl of cereal.

Surprisingly he only ate one (giant) bowl of cereal, but we had a fun time and had the place to ourselves. (Warren and I ordered off the regular menu and had giant $2 cups of fresh brewed coffee. I'd say Revive is one of Midtown's best kept secrets.)

Jiro was ambassador at school last week, so after breakfast, we made piggy blankets for him to take to school. Warren had made brownies the night before for him to share too, and I was scheduled to eat lunch with him.

He got his big present on Satchel's birthday, so the only things I had for him to open were a new pair of shoes (exactly like his old ones) and a new hoodie. New hoodies are my traditional gift for them both.

Despite all of this, what Jiro was REALLY excited about was his sleepover with best buddies Enrique, Santiago, and Luke. Much to my horror/amazement, they didn't want to go to the movies or dinner or YoLo or anything like that. They wanted to stay at the house and act like little boys. Satchel smartly went to a friend's house for the night and Warren went to Dallas for a Kendo tournament, so I was on my own with the wild boys.

Within five minutes they were all in their pajamas, then just their pajama bottoms, and had heavily armed themselves. Thankfully, they didn't want much to do with me, so I stayed in my room and watched the Grizzlies game. Every once in awhile I went out to feed them something and maybe suggest that they turn down the TV, unlock the door, or not swing their swords so fiercely. Jiro thoroughly enjoyed having all of his friends together in his house and it was fun to see him "in charge." I actually fell asleep before they did and when I woke up at 6am and could hear them in the living room I panicked. My first thought was that they had stayed up all night. They assured me that they didn't, but at most, they got 5 hours of sleep!

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