Friday, May 06, 2011


Satchel has poison ivy, again. Sadly, it gets worse every time he gets it. Poor kid had to go in for some prescription cream.

Since our doctor's office is on Harbor Town it provided the perfect excuse for Warren to take the kids down to see the flooding Mississippi. My column this week addressed my uncertainty as to what to tell them about the impending doom. The river is scheduled to crest next Tuesday or Wednesday and evacuations of Harbor Town and parts of North Memphis have begun. While I think that the City is doing a fine of preparing, the unknown is a bit stressful.

In the meantime, the ever expanding river has definitely become a serious gawker attraction.

In the happy gawking department, Guillaume Alby, a visiting French artist who was sponsored by the Urban Arts Commission, completed the most beautiful mural I have ever seen just a couple of blocks from our front door. I love it.

Seriously awesome, right?

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