Saturday, May 07, 2011

Super Playdate

I've been trying to get the monkeys together with their buddy Kai for a few weeks, and I finally succeeded today once my shopping and errands were done. He came over to hang out and play video games until Warren got home from his martial arting then we hit the town.

Ashley and I ran on the VECA Greenline Thursday so we could see the new "Big Kid" sculptures and I've been dying to take the kids. We parked a few blocks away so we could explore the Greenline a bit, then took our time getting to know each kid. They are so whimsical and add warmth and extra playfulness to the Greenline. It's just extra inviting now.


The boys got a little carried away once I pointed out that you could see one of the sculptures butt cracks. I should have known better than to open the floodgates of little boy humor!!


I hope that these Big Kids will hold up with all of the love that they are surely getting from every passerby.


Since it had turned into such a lovely afternoon, I finally was able to make good on my promise to take Jiro to Jerry's Sno Cones. He's been asking for weeks! We arrived just minutes before a huge motorcycle gang and two church buses. I'm not kidding!


I love that they manage to get huge crowds but don't offer a single place to sit down. There was no way I was letting the boys in my car with sno cones, so we just tail gated. It only took about two minutes for Jiro to inadvertently poke a hole in the bottom of his cup. He didn't seem to mind slurping it from the bottom.


Once everyone was finished and had their hands wiped off, we piled in the car and headed to the Woodland Discovery Playground. Warren and Kai had never been, so they were especially excited.

It was pretty funny when the first thing we saw when we arrived was a water ice truck! It was exciting to see a new food truck around town, and the offerings include ice cream and gelato it looks like.


(You would think that the fact that we had just had a sno cones minutes before would make the kids not ask for a water ice, but you'd be wrong!)

The boys spent about an hour on the ropes before deciding to wait in line for the swings.


Then for the first time, they really seemed to get into the slides. I love this picture of Jiro giving Satchel a noogy on the way down. It pretty much captures his personality perfectly.


By 6:45 the playground was clearing out for closing time and we had to go in search of food. More on that later!

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