Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

Mother's Day got off to a great start. No one tried to talk to me before 8:15am, so I got to sleep in. I then proceeded to the Shelby Farms Greenline for a skate with my friend, Natalie. When I got home, we loaded up the dogs and the neighbor and headed over to Overton Park for a stroll through my favorite woods. I forced the kids to take a picture with me. One of them cooperated. (Yes, Satchel is wearing jeans and a long sleeved hoody in 80 degree weather. In his defense, he really didn't want another case of poison ivy on top of his not-yet-healed poison ivy from last week.)


When we got back from the park, we headed east to see my sister's new house and eat fried chicken with most of the extended family, including my super awesome mom. That was pretty much the end of the Mother's Day activities. From there we transitioned into Graduation Day activities--ironing, getting dressed up, and driving down to the FedEx Forum.

We're all super proud of Mr. Oster!! He received his Master's in Teaching from the School of Education, which is technically called Instruction and Curriculum Leadership.


We had an action-packed weekend to say the least. Monday morning is going to be a real drag!

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