Monday, May 09, 2011


For my birthday, I bought myself a fancy new bike. I've been riding it to work once a week, which was a little jarring until I found a low traffic route. I hope to keep it up throughout the blistering summer. I also hope to make it from my house all the way to Germantown (on the Shelby Farms Greenline & Humphreys extension with a skip over to the Germantown Greenline) before too long.

Family rides are still the best. Once Jiro gets his confidence, the sky is the limit for us.

The Health Department recently put together a PSA about biking in honor of the upcoming Bike to Work Day (May 20th) and me and the fam were lucky enough to be a part of it. Check us out:

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Kris Gurley said...

That's Awesome. My wife and I really need a pair of bikes to ride.

On another note, Thanks to Warren for wearing his Sk8Mud tee in the the PSA!

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